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By David J. Peery

ISBN-10: 0486485803

ISBN-13: 9780486485805

Still appropriate many years after its 1950 ebook, this mythical reference textual content on airplane pressure research is taken into account the simplest e-book at the topic. It emphasizes uncomplicated structural concept, which is still unchanged with the improvement of latest fabrics and building equipment, and the applying of the trouble-free rules of mechanics to the research of airplane structures.
Suitable for undergraduate scholars, this quantity covers equilibrium of forces, area constructions, inertia forces and cargo components, shear and bending stresses, and beams with unsymmetrical go sections. extra issues contain spanwise air-load distribution, exterior rather a lot at the plane, joints and fittings, deflections of constructions, and particular equipment of research. subject matters concerning an information of aerodynamics seem in ultimate chapters, permitting scholars to check the prerequisite aerodynamics issues in concurrent courses.

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Before any member can be designed, it is therefore necesssry to determine the inertia forcea acting on the structure. If the inertia forces are included, it is possible to draw a freebody diagram for any member showing the forces in equilibrium. In many of the loading conditions, the airplane may be considered as being in pure translation, since the rotational velocities and accelerations are small. The inertia force on any W element of m888 is equal to the product of the ma88 and the acceleraF ----+ N@=f tion and acts in a direction opposite to the acceleration.

6,1920. 2. : The Analysis of Aircraft Structures as Space Frameworks, NACA TM 522,1929. ‘‘Airplane Structures,” Vol. I, Chap. 8. 3. NILES, A. , and J. S. , New York, 1943. 1. Pure Translation. The maximum load on any part of the airplane structure occurs when the airplane is being accelerated. The loads produced by landing impact or when maneuvering or encountering gusts in fight are always greater than the loads occurring when all the forces on the airplane are in equilibrium. Before any member can be designed, it is therefore necesssry to determine the inertia forcea acting on the structure.

3 ~ ; t . 3 0 . ~ ~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ T- 9 c LA C PBOB. 11. 6) (-@f w i n d the loads in the fuselage truss structure shown by analyzing the '\ e i i w as coplanar structurea each carrying half the vertical load and by /b) h O B . 12. k) euperimpo&ngthe forces resulting from torsion about the oenter line. 5. U. Find the torsional form in the 8tructw-e of Example 3, Art. 5, by the method used for landing-gear torque links in m p l e 4, Art. 3. After findingthe forces on the aft structure, apply these forcee to the spar, and analyze the spar as a coplanar truss.

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