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By Brian L. Stevens, Frank L. Lewis, Eric N. Johnson

ISBN-10: 0471613975

ISBN-13: 9780471613978

This graduate-level textbook at the regulate of airplane offers derivations of the basics of airplane regulate conception, reminiscent of modelling and dynamic research, balance overview, software of multivariable keep an eye on concept and computer-aided layout using glossy computational equipment. The influence of desktops in layout and at the regulate of plane is mirrored during the booklet, together with insurance of orbital trajectories round the Earth which enable a presentation of the speculation for the hot suborbital airplane being built by way of numerous nations. smooth keep an eye on thought is gifted all through as a normal extension of classical tools. A recommendations guide is out there to accompany the textual content.

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Aircraft Control and Simulation by Brian L. Stevens, Frank L. Lewis, Eric N. Johnson

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