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By Sergey D. Algazin, Igor A. Kijko

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Back-action of wind onto wings factors vibrations, endangering the entire constitution. by means of cautious offerings of geometry, fabrics and damping, damaging results on wind engines, planes, generators and vehicles could be refrained from.

This publication provides an summary of aerodynamics and mechanics at the back of those difficulties and describes quite a number mechanical results. Numerical and analytical the right way to examine and examine them are built and supplemented through Fortran code

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01. Then a straight line is visible which divides the plate into two nearly equal parts. 0-level contour (note that the plate edge 5 Test problems | 33 0,00 0 0,8 0 0,6 0 0,4 0 0,4 0 0,2 00 –0, 20 –0, 0 0,0 ,40 –0 40 –0, 60 –0, ,80 –0 Fig. 11. 1 (simply supported boundary). 0-level contour). Calculations show that this line is somewhat shifted from the center of the ellipse towards the flow and is practically straight. 10). 0-level contour is similarly located. 2798. 0-level contour) which is perpendicular to the freestream velocity vector (rotating together with it) and somewhat shifted from the center of symmetry towards the free stream.

2826. 458382) is the first to reach the stability parabola. 24. 2751 on the 15 × 31 grid. 469646). 2809 was obtained on the 15 × 31 grid. 458527). 5 Test problems | 29 1,0 0,5 x −1,0 −0,5 0,0 0,5 1,0 −0,5 Fig. 4. 2. −1,0 1,0 0,5 −1,0 −0,5 0,0 0,5 1,0 −0,5 −1,0 Fig. 5. 2. 2, n = 4. This problem is computationally more challenging than the first one, and therefore it was solved on 13 × 25 and 15 × 31 grids. 2581 on the second. 390052). 5. Thus, for a nonround plate, the stability is not necessarily determined by the first eigenvalue.

3) was performed similarly. 3 Results Consider the results obtained for a simply supported plate. The mechanical parameters were taken the same as before, while the (relative) size b, thickness h, flow velocity v, and angle θ were variable. 003). 2001; in all cases vcr was determined by the first eigenvalue (hereafter, λk are enumerated in the increasing order of their magnitudes). The plots Re φ (x, 0) and Re φ (0, y) are identical. 1; the eigenvalue number is given in the parentheses next to each eigenvalue.

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