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By Frederick I. Ordway (ed.)

ISBN-10: 1483199673

ISBN-13: 9781483199672

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Atmospheric 1. Gravitation 2. Gill 1. Crustacea; 2. Mollusc; 3. Fish ; 4. Tadpole ; 5. Salamanders a. Ρ θ 2 b. Pco2 2. Density of ambient medium (for marine types) c · PH 2 O d · Ptotal 3. Trachea 1. Insect; 2. Millipedes 4. Book lung 1. Horseshoe crab; 2. Spider 5. Lung I. Lungfish; 2. Frog; 3. H. at Ρ θ 2 = 5-10 mm Hg. , were dead in less than 12 hr. Other aspects of this sort of ecological inversion will be discussed below, but it is sufficient to point out here that they are not uncommon. " It is, in principle, a severe procedure, but may not be so in fact.

SIEGEL 3. WATER AND AQUEOUS MEDIA As a combination of hydrogen, the most cosmically abundant of all elements, and oxygen, one of the more abundant of the remaining elements, water is likely to be in potentially good supply among planetary systems. It does not follow, of course, that it will be available in a bulk liquid form. It is difficult to picture life evolving without liquid water—and even more difficult to picture life without some substitute liquid. Many have been suggested, from N H 3 to S 0 2 and HF.

Basic cellular processes, therefore, can be subjected meaningfully to any stress condition, but more highly elaborated multicellular functions such as respiratory mechanics can be most intelligently examined in relation to atmospheric factors. On the other hand, when one reaches the most advanced levels of biological function, those of the human forebrain, again, virtually any departure from the norm can generate stress and modify performance. ELEMENTS OF SPACE BIOLOGY TABLE XIV. 37 SELECTION OF EXPERIMENTAL MATERIALS BASED ON PROCESS Process or function Examples of suitable organisms Relevant stress or environmental factors Photosynthesis Any Flight Bacteria, algae, vascular plants Any Worms, insects, spiders, fish, land vertebrates Insects, birds Locomotion Land animals Vision Insects, fish, mammals Immunity to bacteria Mammals, man Cellular respiration Respiratory mechanics Any Atmospheric 0 2 , C 0 2 , water, total pressure Atmospheric pressure and density, 0 2 , C 0 2 Atmospheric pressure, gravitation, 0 2 , C 0 2 Spectral energy level and distribution Radiation, toxicants Processes appear to provide a good subject upon which to base biological selection insofar as it is feasible to examine many processes in a single type of organism.

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