Kar Ping Shum, Zhe-Xian Wan, Jiping Zhang's Advances in algebra : proceedings of the ICM Satellite PDF

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By Kar Ping Shum, Zhe-Xian Wan, Jiping Zhang

ISBN-10: 9812382607

ISBN-13: 9789812382603

On Normalized desk Algebras Generated by way of a loyal Non-Real section of measure three (Z Arad & G Chen); Graph Semigroups (V Dlab & T Pospichal); Moor-Penrose Generalized Inverses of Matrices Over department jewelry (Z-X Wan); M-Solid Pseudovarieties and Galois Connections (K Denecke & B Pibaljommee); Indecomposable Decompositions of CS-Modules (J L Gomez Pardo & P A Guil Asensio); Hereditary jewelry, QF2 jewelry and jewelry of Finite illustration style (C R Hajarnavis); reliable Burst mistakes Detecting Cyclic Codes (S Jain); at the Homology Bifunctors Over Semimodules (X T Nguyen); a few difficulties and Conjectures in Modular Representations (J-P Zhang); and different papers

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Van der Waall and A. Fransman. On products of groups for which normality is a transitive relation on their Frattini factor groups. , 19:59-82, 1996. SEMIGROUPS SATISFYING CERTAIN REGULARITY CONDITIONS* STOJAN BOGDANOVIC Faculty of Economics, University of NiS, Trg Kralja Aleksandra 11, P. 0. ac. yu MIROSLAV CIRIC Faculty of Sciences a n d Mathematics, University of NiS, ViSegradska 33, P. 0. ac. yu To the memory of Professor B. H. Neumann S. Bogdanovid, M. CiriC, P. Stanimirovid and T. Petkovid in [4] proved that every regularity condition on semigroups is equivalent to one of the 14 conditions given here in Figure 1.

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Advances in algebra : proceedings of the ICM Satellite Conference in Algebra and Related Topics by Kar Ping Shum, Zhe-Xian Wan, Jiping Zhang

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