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By Pierre Grimal

ISBN-10: 0631166963

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Книга написана крупнейшим французским античником Пьером Грималем, перу которого принадлежит несколько десятков трудов по истории Рима."A Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology" is a distillation into short type of the one resource dictionary of historical Greek and Roman myths and legends. according to Grimal's unique dictionary, first released in 1951 in France the concise model covers nearly all significant characters, and 8 genaeological tables current the relevant advanced relationships among gods and males. The entries pay attention to valuable types of every legend, and in simple terms the main major adaptations are coated, which will specialize in the typical middle of classical literature. short definitions are move referenced to brief bills of the most legends.

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For example, in Plato's Republic, Ananke is the mother of the Moirae. Gradually, and particu­ larly in popular tradition, Ananke became a goddess of death, but in the works of the poets, particularly the tragedians, she remained the incarna­ tion of the ultimate Force which even the gods must obey.

So when Latinus decided to give his daughter's hand to Aeneas, Amata tried to prevent the marriage by rousing the women of Laurentium against the Trojans. When she heard of the Trojan victory and the death of Turnus she hanged herself. Amazons (Άμαζόν€ς) A race of warrior women. Their kingdom was in the north on the boundaries of the civilized world. They conducted their own government; they were ruled by a queen; they could not stand the presence of men except as servants; at certain times they had intercourse with strangers to pre­ serve their race, keeping only the baby girls.

The child was again exposed, and again he was suckled by a mare and found by a shepherd, who called him Hippothoon. Later Hippothoon became the eponym of the Attic tribe Hippothoontis. When Theseus had killed Cercyon, Hippothoon came to him to ask for the return of his grandfather's kingdom, which Theseus readily gave him. Alphaeus (Άλφαιός) Son of Sangarius. A Phrygian who instructed Athena to play the flute. He was struck down by a thunderbolt from Zeus when he tried to assault his pupil. Alphesiboea (Άλφεσίβοια) ι.

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