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By Louise Kursmark

ISBN-10: 1593571755

ISBN-13: 9781593571757

Mike Farr's progressive recommendation in six speedy chapters. comprises dozens of professionally written hide letters and writing recommendation.

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An examination of the literature on informal learning prompts at least five general reflections. The first relates to the distinction between informal learning and other types of learning; the second to the perceived importance of informal learning; the third to the different forms of informal learning; the fourth to the tacit nature of most informal learning; and the last one to the implications of researching informal learning. We take up these reflections in turn. The first refection concerns the absence of an agreed upon definition of informal learning.

They started from the premise developed in the Cnaan et al. study that the perception of who is considered a volunteer and who is not boils down to the net cost of the undertaking: the “concept of net cost best accounted for the perception of who is a volunteer” (1996, p. 381). Handy et al. (2000) found that the public holds the perception that the greater the self-sacrifice the more altruistic the action is perceived to be. Likewise, the more the work benefits strangers (rather than oneself or friends), the more it is totally unpaid, and the more uncoerced it is, the more it will be considered a “true” volunteer activity.

In the past this was a non-issue, because most formal volunteering activities used to take place in the context of community organizations, non-profit organizations or governmental institutions. In recent years, however, we have witnessed the emergence of a new trend in formal volunteerism, which we address in chapter five: volunteering in for-profit organizations. In this context, it is pertinent to ask if it is conceptually acceptable to include this activity (which usually involves vulnerable people who need work experience like recent immigrants or youth) as volunteering, even if it is freely chosen, formal, unpaid, and of benefit to others.

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