Andreescu T., Feng Z.'s 102 Combinatorial problems from the training of USA IMO team PDF

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By Andreescu T., Feng Z.

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2. Computations of structure constants The computation of structure constants plays a most important part in the study of cellular rings. Knowledge of the structure constants of a cellular ring allows one to determine its primitivity, to enumerate its cellular subrings, to find its eigenvalues and their multiplicities, to determine its Krein parameters (when the cellular ring is commutative), and so on. We are going to consider some of the most important methods for computing the structure constants of cellular rings.

We shall illustrate the technique on the permutation groups whose 2orbits were described in examples 1 and 2. Example 1 ( continued) Let us fixapair ( A, B) of m-element subsets of a v-element set N such that JA n BJ = m- k. Then the set N becomes partitioned into four parts: N 1 = AnB, N 2 = A \B, N3 = B\A and N 4 = N\(AUB) with cardinalities JN1J = m- k, JNzJ = JN3J = k, JN4J = v- m- k. Let us count the number of subsets CE {~} suchthat JA n CJ = m- i and JB n CJ = m- j. If JN1 n CJ = t, 37 CELLULAR RINGSAND GROUPS OF AUTOMORPHISMS OF GRAPHS then IN2 n Cl = m - i - t, IN3 n Cl = m- j - t and IN4 implies that, for a fixed t, there are k) ( (m - t choices of c.

6 Let M I, then GCD(k;, kr-d =/=I for I :Si :Sr- I; 4) k; :S k1k;_ 1 for I :Si :Sr -I; if the number of subdegrees equal to k1 is odd, then k; :S (k 1 - I)k;_ 1 for 2 :Si :Sr -I; 5) if ~k; :S p :S k; for a prime p which divides divides k;(k;- I); IHI, then there exists kj > k; which • 6) nk; is even for I :S i :S r - 1.

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102 Combinatorial problems from the training of USA IMO team by Andreescu T., Feng Z.

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