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By Kevin Manning

Astronomy is the main intriguing and enjoyable subject within the universe. in fact, i'm a piece biased, yet don't you settle? utilizing a telescope to work out the invisible and glance a long way again in time, exploring the universe to benefit approximately meteors, the Moon, comets, asteroids, megastar clusters, nebulae and galaxies, and attempting to comprehend the function of black holes, darkish topic, and darkish strength, are all lined during this relaxing textual content.

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Leo is flanked by Virgo in the north-east and Gemini going down in the west. With Taurus now set, Gemini is the west­ern­most of the zodiac signs, with the line then running east through faint Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and newly risen Scorpius. indd 32 7/5/08 11:31:46 AM Skyview 11 9 pm, April: weeks three and four Sidereal time 1100 SOUTH 0 h INDUS PH TUCANA US RI TR I A AU NGUL ST RA UM LE A A SA CHAMAELEON UM D O O N CI res a Ant CT O R CA RI NA US LUP UX S RU TAU VE HYDRA CEN LA ica S RV U CO A RG Re VI S RO n yo S oc NI R CA NO I M Pr O 18 gu lus EM G S us tu r ER rc NC A LEO I IN llu 16 x OT E O CR Sp SERPE NS CAPU T PI NS A DR HY TER CRA BO RA D VO Mi m os a Acru x Ha Ri dar g e lK en t MUS CA S U N RC I 10 UL UM TLI AN LIBRA GI LA RM PIU TIC PYXIS PUPPIS EAST PUS RE MEN South Pole A S SA A TT GI AR 3 S PEN SER UDA CA LO s Sirius OPHIUCHUS RO pu Adha ra CANIS MAJO R CE NO se MO lgeu TAN S TIC 15 A N IS RO AL CO TR S U A HO no Ca CO LU MB A Bete ORION SEX EQUA TOR ECLIP Ca OR US OCTANS SC EL 9 8 CA Po SC HYDR PAV O OP IU LE r 1 CA UM LEP US Rigel WEST 7 TE NIX erna 4 M OE Ach E RI D AN U S 6 2 MA CO ICES EN R E B st or 17 LEO MIN OR LY N X TICI ENA SV E CAN Magnitudes 5 4 3 2 URSA MAJOR 1 0 12h brighter NORTH Scorpius the Scorpion, with its red star Antares, rides clear of the eastern horizon.

Now at seventh mag­ni­tude, it is visible only with optical aid, but last century it out­shone all but Sirius. It is often thought the star most likely to form the next super­nova visible from Earth. The fading of Eta Carinae has dimmed the out­lines of the Keyhole Nebula, as the Eta Carinae Nebula was called by John Herschel. Five degrees pole­wards from Eta Carina is the bright open cluster I2602 (also called Theta Carinae), mag­ni­tude 2 and nearly a degree across. It con­tains about 30 blue-white stars.

Aries the Ram in the north-east, with a dis­tinc­tive pair of bright­ish stars, is the east­ern­most of the risen zodiac signs. Further west, and running steeply up the sky, lie Pisces, Aquarius, Capricornus and the ‘tea-pot’ Sagittarius. In the west, Scorpius is setting. The ‘wet corner’ of the sky is over­head, stretch­ing both north-east and north-west. Constellations such as the Southern Fish, Aquarius, Capricornus, Cetus, Eridanus and Pisces all have watery con­nec­tions. indd 45 7/5/08 11:32:04 AM Skyview 24 9 pm, November: weeks one and two Sidereal time 2400 SOUTH 12h CENTAURUS CEN RU TAU CRUX Mimosa Acrux LA VE Rigel Kent MUSCA R CA S LAN VO PU A NSA AR APU South Pole OCTA NS RA LU CO r rna Ach e R S A HO LEPU VO PA TUCAN DU S IN US GR MI CR ENIX O ut Rigel 5 R ATO EQU IU Mi ra R UA AQ S S TU S ha TAU RU SCU al ERIDANUS FORNAX IS PISC US RIN AUST S S SERPEN CAUDA U ICORN CAPR Fo m 12 6 LPT OR M PHO SC OP IU SAG IT TA RIUS M ELU CA M IU OG OL s Siriu UL UM DO A MB HYDRUS TIC RE DO NIS CA OR J MA n Ca h Ad u op s ME A S LE TE SC OP IU M CO AU RON STR A ALI S SCUTUM OPHIUCHUS WEST 11 EAST RM US S 1 ORION CIN ELEON CHAMA TO R PIC 7 NO PIU ara US CIR ULUM TRIANG LE A AUSTR S PP I P LU 2 INA S Hadar 3 SC OR 10 OPH IUCH US 4 Ald eb EQ ir a Alt ILA aran U AQ CE es US PEG Hy ad LE UU ECLIPTIC ASU S S IES AR Ple iad es A TT GI SA LA NU CU HI LP LPE DE VU ES PISC 19 14 13 20 UM UL NG IA TR CY GN US S EU RS PE l EDA LACER OM NDR o Alg A TA Magnitudes 5 4 3 2 1 0 brighter 0h NORTH In the east, the rising of Rigel signals the return of the bril­liant con­stel­la­tion Orion the Hunter, announcing that summer is coming.

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